Howe Sound Crest Trail

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3 Days / 2 Nights


A world class hike in Vancouver’s very own backyard. This 3-day adventure will take you from thick forests, up to alpine terrain, through colourful meadows, over turquoise lakes, passed waterfalls and finish with a walk on a beach.


  • Incredible views of the historical Howe Sound
  • Hike to the “The Famous Lions”
  • Build confidence and learn backcountry survival skills
  • Chance to see Black Bear in their natural habitat

Located within the local picturesque mountains Howe Sound Crest Trail stretches 29km from Cypress Provincial Park, passing “The Lions”, to Porteau Cove Provincial Park. The first section of the trail involves navigating alpine terrain offering numerous panoramic views of Howe Sound, Vancouver City and surrounding areas making for outstanding photography opportunities. Leaving the views of the city behind, the route cuts deeper into BC’s rugged backcountry where nature’s magical colours come to life. Lush old-growth forests, big rainbow patches of wildflowers, thundering white waterfalls and blue-mirrored lakes appear around every bend in the trail. The unimaginable beauty and closeness to the city provides a true Canadian backcountry experience making this hike a real gem in Vancouver’s very own backyard.

A technical hiking trail with Big Ups, Big Downs and even Bigger Rewards!
Look for rope & chain assists over high steep cliff edges and “no fall zones.”

Day 1
Will be the most challenging traversing 4 peaks. Expect the majority of the trail’s total elevation gain on this day.
Day 2
Minimal elevation gain alongside the base of a mountain peak then drops down to an emerald lakeside destination campground.
Day 3
Minimal elevation alongside 3 sub-alpine lakes and a big waterfall. Finally a long descent back down to sea level.

Trail breakdown:
Day 1 – 14.5km, 10-12 hours
Day 2 – 4.5km, 3-4 hours
Day 3 – 10km, 5-6 hours

Fitness Level:
This specific tour is for intermediate/advanced people due to terrain conditions and a long first day. All adventurers will carry their own backpack including; clothing, food, water, camping- and cooking equipment.

Pick Up Location:
Downtown Vancouver, BC



11 – 13
18 – 20


Start / End location:
Downtown Vancouver, BC

Pickup Time:
Day 1 at 6:30am

Drop off Time:
Day 3 – End of Day

Trail Length:
29km in 3 days

Elevation Gain:

Cumulative Gain:
1830m – The first part of the trail will be the most challenging traversing 4 peaks. Expect the majority of the trails total elevation gain within the first day.

Fitness Level:

Although we cater to all fitness levels, this specific tour is for moderate-high fit people due to terrain conditions. All adventurers will carry their own backpack including; clothing, food, water, camping- and cooking equipment.

Hiking Difficulty:

The total elevation gain of the trail is 610m – the total cumulative gain is 1830m. This means lots of ups and downs. Expect Day 1 to be the longest and most challenging of all three days, hiking 14.5km in roughly 10-12hours, with food breaks and photo opportunities. Expect to use chains to traverse and ropes to descend safely along the trail on Day 1.

Recommendation to prepare for this adventure:

  • Focus on cardio fitness – get your heart pumping for 20mins each day.
  • Leg strength – practice uphill hiking at the gym using “stairmaster” equipment.
  • Squats and Lunges work well for hiking uphill (train those knees and glutes)
  • Back strength – hike trails with a loaded backpack that include elevation gains and downhill descents.
  • Shoulder and core training exercises prepare for carrying a weighted backpack.
  • Walk-in your hiking boots to avoid nasty blisters on the trail!

All meals will be included for the duration of the adventure, except breakfast on Day 1. It is recommended to eat breakfast before pick-up on Day 1. All meals for the duration of the trip will be distributed at the trailhead.

Food is very important to us! The majority of your meals & snacks will be homemade and dehydrated using as many fresh, organic, healthy and nutritious ingredients sourced from local businesses.

Food creates energy within our bodies. Energy gives us the strength to live and experience the world around us. The key component in the process of dehydrating food is that it retains the maximum amount of original vitamins, minerals and natural enzymes. When hiking, dehydrated food is your best friend – it’s portable, reduces waste, extremely lightweight and super delicious! 

We will be sleeping in tents along the trail in a comfortable group-camping setting. We will teach you how to use our camping equipment like a pro.

Day 1: Vancouver to Magnesia Meadows Campground, 14.5km
Say good-bye to the city, it’s time to meet our new friend – the rugged backyard of Vancouver. In the morning we will pick you up at our Vancouver meeting spot and drive directly to the start of the trail. Here we will chat about detailed orientation of the park and useful trail information.

Today is the most challenging out of the three days, so buckle up and get ready to push your own boundaries, get challenged and create an unforgettable experience. It will be worth it!

Walking through multi-mountain passes you are given many viewing and photo opportunities of Vancouver and the surrounding area. Leaving the view of the city behind as we dip over the ridge in between the famous Lions, we immerse ourselves within true adventure and exploration that the BC backcountry has to offer.

The route to the first campground now becomes the most challenging of the three days. This is where mindfulness comes in handy as we keep focusing on the breath and pushing through. Once we arrive at camp we will cook a homemade meal and with the comfort of this warm meal in our hands, it’s time to relax and watch the stars come out one by one.

Day 2: Magnesia Meadows Campground to Brunswick Lake Campground, 4.5km
As the sweet smell of mountain air finally brings us out of our tents, we calmly enjoy our fresh brewed coffee and breakfast. Today will be a more relaxed day as the hike will be much shorter than the previous day. It is all about soaking up nature and enjoy this gorgeous area. When we get to camp you will be rewarded with a refreshing swim in a turquoise sub-alpine lake.

You will have the option today to summit a few mountain peaks along the way or keep charging ahead to the next campground. We will set up camp with plenty of sunlight. You can either explore the surrounding area or relax with some lightweight reading material. As the sun slowly falls behind the mountains, we settle down for a peaceful nights rest.

Day 3: Brunswick Lake Campground to Porteau Cove Parking Area, 10km
If you love waterfalls, then this is the moment you have been waiting for.

We will hike beside a breathtaking blue waterfall that connects two lakes together while passing through lush green gully’s full of wildflowers so bright, you will need to put your sunglasses back on. This is one of our favourite spots in British Columbia.

All this nature action will happen after an optional good morning wakeup swim and a warm healthy meal, to prepare us for our decent from mountain terrain to beachside ocean views. After beachcombing at the end of the day, you will be dropped off downtown Vancouver.

Howe Sound Crest Trail Packing List

  • Comfortable Transportation (including pick up & drop off)
  • Home-made prepared nutritious meals and snacks to last for the duration of the trip
  • Food Allergies or preferences? We have a questionnaire for you to fill out before you join us
    on your adventure
  • Professional & Fun guides that are looking to share their passion with you
  • Guided hikes
  • Information about wildlife
  • Permits & Camping Fees
  • Tent Rental
  • Practice Leave No Trace ethics
  • First Aid Supplies & Blister Plasters
  • Sunscreen & Bugspray
  • Compressed Toiletpaper
  • Airfares
  • Expenses before and after tour
  • Rental of Sleeping Bag, Sleeping Mat, Backpack
  • Single Tent Upgrade
  • Gear – we will send you a specific gear list once you’ve chosen your adventure
  • Personal alcohol
  • Applicable Canadian Taxes (GST – 5%)
  • Trip Cancellation/ Extended Medical Insurance
  • We recommend you purchase trip cancellation insurance as well as extended medical insurance to
    cover life and health care risks
  • Personal property insurance
  • To insure your personal belongings against loss
  • Staff appreciation gratuities

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August 9-11, July 23-25, June 10-12, September 17-19


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