Golden Ears

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3 Days / 2 Nights


For those who want to taste and smell Vancouver, Canada’s backcountry in its prime – rise from deep green forests with emerald tinted waterfalls to snow white-capped alpine peaks to achieve that ultimate feeling of freedom.


  • Check an epic hike off your bucket list
  • Infinite mountain views
  • Off the beaten path backcountry camping
  • Cross a permanent snowfield
  • Increase your overall fitness stamina while playing outside
  • A natural boost you get to take home

Once you lay eyes on the magical mountainous terrain that is so prominent within Golden Ears, you’ll understand why we are here. Think you’ve seen every colour of green imaginable? As one of the largest parks in British Columbia, Golden Ears displays lush green vegetation, impressive trees too tall to see their tops, crystal clear emerald waterways, lakes and alpine terrain home to beaver, mountain goats and black beers. Alouette Lake and its forested surroundings were also once the traditional hunting and fishing grounds for the Coast Salish First Nations peoples.

A diverse trail consisting of: soft forest floors, rocky creek beds and snow sections. As the trail progresses it becomes increasingly steep with much of the elevation gain occurring past the midway point. The summit of Golden Ears offers some of the most spectacular 360 degree unobstructed views around.

Day 1
Gradual elevation gain alongside beautiful creeks and roaring waterfalls – campground setting under a shaded forest canopy with lots of fresh water.
Day 2

Will be the most challenging: expect a steep rocky trail that continues past the timberline into exposed alpine terrain, onto a permanent snowfield and ends with a light rocky faced climb to the summit of Golden Ears. Campground setting will be on the exposed alpine ridge beside the base of the summit.
Day 3
A steady descend from the alpine campground, through the forest and back down to the parking lot. 

* Trail itinerary may slightly change due to certain weather conditions *

Trail Breakdown:
Day 1 – 6km, 3-4 hours
Day 2 – 7km, 6-8 hours
Day 3 – 12km, 7-8 hours

Fitness Level:
This specific tour is for intermediate fit people due to terrain conditions. All adventurers will carry their own backpack including; clothing, food, water, camping- and cooking equipment.

Pick Up Location:
Downtown Vancouver, BC



Please reach out to us for available future dates.

Can’t find the dates you’re looking for? Don’t hesitate reaching out to us!

Start / End location:
Downtown Vancouver, BC

Pickup Time:
Day 1 at 9:00am

Drop off Time:
Day 3 – End of Day

Trail Length:
25km in 3 days

Elevation Gain:

Fitness Level:

This specific tour is for intermediate fit people due to terrain conditions. All adventurers will carry their own backpack including; clothing, food, water, camping- and cooking equipment.

Hiking Difficulty:

There will be steep climbs, hiking on boulders, loose rock as well as a permanent snowfield that we have to cross to get to the top of Golden Ears. This trail offers options, but to get the most rewarding feeling, reaching the top of Golden Ears is recommended.

Recommendations to prepare for this adventure:

  • Focus on cardio fitness – get your heart pumping for 20mins each day.
  • Leg strength – practice uphill hiking at the gym using “stairmaster” equipment.
  • Squats and Lunges work well for hiking uphill (train those knees and glutes)
  • Back strength – hike trails with a loaded backpack that include elevation gains and downhill descents.
  • Shoulder and core training exercises prepare for carrying a weighted backpack.
  • Walk-in your hiking boots to avoid nasty blisters on the trail!

All meals will be included for the duration of the adventure, except breakfast on Day 1. It is recommended to eat breakfast before pick-up on Day 1. All meals for the duration of the trip will be distributed at the trailhead.

Food is very important to us! The majority of your meals & snacks will be homemade and dehydrated using as many fresh, organic, healthy and nutritious ingredients sourced from local businesses.

Food creates energy within our bodies. Energy gives us the strength to live and experience the world around us. The key component in the process of dehydrating food is that it retains the maximum amount of original vitamins, minerals and natural enzymes. When hiking, dehydrated food is your best friend – it’s portable, reduces waste, extremely lightweight and super delicious!

We will be sleeping in tents along the trail in a comfortable group-camping setting. We will teach you how to use our camping equipment like a pro.

Day 1: Gold Creek Parking Area to Alder Flats Campground, 6km
Lets Get This Show On The Road! In the morning, meet your new adventure friends at our meeting spot in downtown Vancouver and then we do a complete gear check, divide all the food evenly amongst the group, orientate ourselves with our new adventure playground and get going.

The first section of the trail will be treated with crystal clear creek, thundering waterfalls and even an amazing perspective of our objective – The Golden Ears Summit. Tonight we will all sleep comfortably with the relaxing sound of the creek in the background.

Day 2: Alder Flats Campground to Golden Ears Summit, 7km
As we continue on into the forest, the second section of the trail becomes steeper and rockier with exposed tree roots leading passed the timberline into exposed alpine terrain.

Once we arrive at the base of Golden Ears, we will find a good spot along the ridge to set up camp and power up with a nutritious lunch.

The third and final section of the trail will involve crossing a permanent snowfield to reach the top of Golden Ears. Once at the top we will celebrate our victory together and enjoy the most best what nature has to offer, 360-degree mountain views!

We will pretend to ski on the snow with our hiking boots back down to camp, cook a warm meal, and count the stars one by one before snuggling up in our tents.

Day 3: Panorama Ridge Campground to Gold Creek Parking Area, 12km
Waking up to views like on Panorama Ridge will make it hard to leave, so lets enjoy it as long as possible with an earthly cup of coffee and warm breakfast. We will pack up all the camping gear and retrace our steps back to where we started. On the way out of the park we will find a lovely spot to jump in the water and refresh ourselves before the ride back to our drop of spot, downtown Vancouver.

Golden Ears Packing List

  • Comfortable Transportation (including pick up & drop off)
  • Home-made prepared nutritious meals and snacks to last for the duration of the trip
  • Food Allergies or preferences? We have a questionnaire for you to fill out before you join us
    on your adventure
  • Professional & Fun guides that are looking to share their passion with you
  • Guided hikes
  • Information about wildlife
  • Permits & Camping Fees
  • Tent Rental
  • Practice Leave No Trace ethics
  • First Aid Supplies & Blister Plasters
  • Sunscreen & Bugspray
  • Compressed Toiletpaper
  • Airfares
  • Expenses before and after tour
  • Rental of Sleeping Bag, Sleeping Mat, Backpack
  • Single Tent Upgrade
  • Gear – we will send you a specific gear list once you’ve chosen your adventure
  • Personal alcohol
  • Applicable Canadian Taxes (GST – 5%)
  • Trip Cancellation/ Extended Medical Insurance
  • We recommend you purchase trip cancellation insurance as well as extended medical insurance to
    cover life and health care risks
  • Personal property insurance
  • To insure your personal belongings against loss
  • Staff appreciation gratuities

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April 5-7, August 14-15, July 28-29, October 4-5, September 11-12


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