Garibaldi Wedgemount Lake – Day Adventure

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1 Day


Grab your pack, tighten your laces and strap in, as you will ascend past a roaring 300m waterfall en route to a remote alpine lake. Build up enough courage to jump in a glacier lake while surrounded by towering jagged mountains looking to crumble in at any moment on this thriller of an adventure!


  • Spectacular Alpine Scenery
  • Adrenaline Boost
  • Swim in Alpine Lake
  • Chance to see Wildlife

Where ancient old glaciers and volcanoes have formed; pristine emerald alpine lakes, lush vegetation, meadows full of wildflowers and scenic mountain landscapes abundant in wildlife make Garibaldi one of the most unique and picturesque places on Earth. Be rewarded with a super fun trail, breathtaking views around every corner, a sky blue lake, a massive glacier and an epic sunset – a true alpine experience. Come find the explorer within yourself as we hike through Garibaldi and find wildlife and fascinating geological features literally around every corner.

An awesome hiking trail consisting of soft forest floors with uneven roots and rocks, steady elevation gains with a short but steeper section right before the lake.

Begins with a short minimal elevation gain heading into the thick forest. As the trail continues, the steeper the trail gets – the short and steepest part of the trail being right before you get to the alpine lake. Once at the lake, adventuring around a massive open area is easy as there are no trees in the alpine. Going downhill will be the most challenging part of the hike as the 7km descent can be a really good leg workout. The trail retraces the same steps on the way down back to the parking area.

Trail Breakdown:
12km return, 7-9 hours

Fitness Level:
This specific tour is for intermediate fit people due to terrain conditions. All adventurers will carry their own backpack including; clothing, food and water.

Pick Up Location:
Downtown Vancouver, BC




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Start / End location:
Downtown Vancouver, BC

Pickup Time:

Drop off Time:
End of Day

Trail Length:
12km return

Elevation Gain:

Fitness Level:

This specific tour is for intermediate fit people due to terrain conditions. The one-way trail is 7km to the lake, but don’t let this fool you as it is only uphill and there are some steep climbs. The spectacular alpine scenery makes this tour well worth it!

Hiking Difficulty:

The total elevation gain of the trail to the lake is 1160m. The steepest section of the trail will be in the last 1km. There will moderate and steep climbs on soft forest floors, roots, boulders, as well as loose rocks in exposed alpine terrain. Although
steep uphill climbs can be slow going, expect the 7km descent back down to the parking area to be challenging as well.

Recommendations to prepare for this adventure:

  • Focus on cardio fitness – get your heart pumping for 20mins each day.
  • Leg strength – practice uphill hiking at the gym using “stairmaster” equipment.
  • Squats and Lunges work well for hiking uphill (train those knees and glutes)
  • Back strength – hike trails with a loaded backpack that include elevation gains and downhill descents.
  • Shoulder and core training exercises prepare for carrying a weighted backpack.
  • Walk-in your hiking boots to avoid nasty blisters on the trail!

All meals will be included for the duration of the adventure, except for breakfast. It is recommended to eat breakfast before pick-up. All meals for the duration of the trip will be distributed at the trailhead.

Food is very important to us! The majority of your meals & snacks will be homemade and dehydrated using as many fresh, organic, healthy and nutritious ingredients sourced from local businesses.

Food creates energy within our bodies. Energy gives us the strength to live and experience the world around us. The key component in the process of dehydrating food is that it retains the maximum amount of original vitamins, minerals and natural enzymes. When hiking, dehydrated food is your best friend – it’s portable, reduces waste, extremely lightweight and super delicious!

Wedgemount Lake Parking Area to Wedgemount Lake and back
Your epic adventure will start when we pick you up in the morning at our meeting spot downtown, Vancouver. While chatting with your new adventure friends, you’ll immediately forget the busy city life as we enter a world of serenity along the spectacular Sea to Sky Highway. A 2 hour drive North will put us at the trailhead to Wedgemount Lake where food for the day will be distribute throughout the group. The trail, with the crashing sound of Wedgemount Falls in the distance, will lead us through a lush green forest, over a boulder field and finally into the protected valley of Wedgemount Lake. Immediately after arriving at the lake, the first thing we’ll want to do is jump in, so don’t forget your swimsuit! Ever heard of a glacial facial? The rock flour in glacial water will leave you with very smooth skin. Here we will relax and eat our nutritious lunches before getting ourselves ready to make the descent back down to the parking area and head back to Vancouver.

Day Adventure – Packing List

  • Comfortable Transportation (including pick up & drop off)
  • Home-made prepared nutritious lunch and snacks
  • Food Allergies or preferences? We have a questionnaire for you to fill out before you join us
    on your adventure
  • Guides will share knowledge of the area
  • Information about wildlife
  • Practice Leave No Trace ethics
  • Permits & Fees
  • First Aid supplies & Blister plasters
  • Sunscreen & Bugspray
  • Professional & Fun Guides that are looking to share their passion with you
  • Personal alcohol
  • Applicable Canadian Taxes (GST – 5%)
  • Medical Insurance
  • Gear – we will send you a specific gear list once you’ve chosen your adventure
  • Staff appreciation gratuities

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