I, Richie, was fortune as a child to grow up in British Columbia and live across the street from a thick lush forest. Exploring deep into the woods I called my backyard, was a day and night occurrence. Building tree forts, chasing inspects, listening to birds and sleeping under the stars were summer priorities. Only after travelling the world and living overseas, l did I realize how lucky I was to have parents that encouraged me to play outside. So I decided to move back.

British Columbia is an inspirational place for anyone who is curious about nature.

Everywhere you look something moves. Everywhere you go the scenery seems to change. British Columbia is more than just wildlife and scenery. British Columbia is an ecological haven full of an abundance of natural communities working together in harmony with one another.

BC is a large diverse province and the natural history of British Columbia is correspondingly immense. Over billions of years, powerful tectonic plates have collided together thrusting earth high above the surface creating mountains and plateaus and an eternity of rain and glacial ice have shaped these mountains and plateaus into a complex labyrinth of valleys, canyons, hills and floodplains.

Facing westerly winds head on; British Columbia’s mountain ranges divide this elaborate terrain into very different climatic zones of cold and hot, wet and dry.

Within these zones, where animals and plants flourish, an array of natural communities has been produced in partnership with the geology, topography and climate.

The West Coast of British Columbia offers the Pacific Ocean and it thick kelp forests, sandy beaches, and whales migrating from considerable distances drawn to spawning salmon; temperate rain forests of age-old hemlock, cedar, fir, spruce and hundreds of lurking islands where arbutus trees are present.

Steep walled fjords full of screaming bald eagles back onto ice-capped mountains; alpine terrain riddled with emerald lakes, waterfalls and meadows perfumed with aromatic wild flowers in the summertime attracting big bears and chattering marmots.

Here in British Columbia biodiversity and geological features are on such a grand scale, the only way to appreciate it is to come and experience with your own two eyes. Whether your exploring endless mountain ranges, deep river valley’s or vast ocean side landscapes, here you can breathe easier amongst British Columbia’s fresh temperate rainforests that provide; free, stress reducing remedies and rejuvenating capabilities. All you need to do is breathe.