Are you ready to transform the way you eat and feel while camping and on the trail?

Keep reading to find out the magic ingredient that will;
· Seriously reduce the weight of your current backpack.
· Refuel your used body with sustainable healthy food that maintain high energy levels.
· Reward yourself and friends with your backcountry culinary skills.

The secret to success in the backcountry lies within the best kitchen appliance ever, a FOOD DEHYDRATOR. Whoa Whoa Whoa!

What the heck is a food dehydrator?
A food dehydrator is basically a square box that uses a low temperature heating coil where you can adjust the temperature with a thermostat. A fan circulates the warm air evenly within the box so all the different trays of food have heat evenly distributed amongst them.

So what does that fancy stuff all mean?
It means that the dehydrator essentially removes all the moister from food, which in turn minimizes the risk of bacteria growth, and spoiled food

What are the advantages of dehydrating?
· Dramatically reduces the weight of foods.
· Reduces waste on the trail.
· Locks in the maximum amount of flavour of foods.
· Keeps the enzymes of your raw foods intact promoting exponential health and energy benefits.
· All nature method of preserving and extending the shelf life of foods.
· It makes your favourite meat, fish, fruit or vegetable foods portable.

Now you know that the possibilities of expanding your backcountry meals and snacks are virtually limitless with a dehydrator, so go put your dehydrator to the test and reward yourself with homemade healthy snacks in the backcountry. The best thing is that everyone can afford an efficient dehydrating starting as low as $50.

Thanks for reading our quick introduction into the life-changing world of dehydrating and be sure to stay tuned for a more in-depth blog on how to use a dehydrator properly and what are favourite recipes are.