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SJEF Camping Adventures is a heart-centred Canadian backpacking tourism company spearheaded by the dynamic adventure duo Richie and Sanne

Sjef is a Dutch name, but Sjef is also used to call people a leader, head of adepartment, a chief/ boss. After camping with friends & family Richie soon got the nickname “Sjef Camping” as he often manages the camping & cooking experience.


Meet Our Guides


Richie, both a Canadian and Dutch citizen, was born and raised in Vancouver, BC with the mountains and surrounding wilderness as his backyard. He has lived abroad in the Netherlands for three years and has also travelled the world out of a backpack. He knows how to live as a minimalist and he will never give up until he reaches the top of a mountain! His perseverance and determination are unique and he will encourage and inspire people to do the same. He has a passion for food and his outdoor cooking skills are something to see. Richie is looking forward to connect you to natural breathtaking moments.


Ever since Sanne moved to Vancouver, BC five years ago, her passion for the outdoors has led her on a journey. Being born and raised in the Netherlands, where the landscape often gets compared to a flat pancake, it was easy for her to fall in love with the scenery in British Columbia. Realizing how exploring the local mountains gives you a feeling of true freedom, she quickly adapted to the Canadian outdoor culture and found a new lifestyle in Active Travel Tour Guiding, being the outlet for her fantastic people and social skills. She also has an appetite for sparking good conversation while sharing tasteful food. Hiking up a mountain to get rewarded with fascinating panorama views, truly makes her feel like being on top of the world. With a background in Hospitality Management and Tour Guiding, adventuring with Sanne is very comforting. Sanne is looking forward to share the precious natural outdoors with you and to create liberating, unforgettable adventures.

Our Vision

We want to be the chosen authority in British Columbia for Backpacking & Camping Adventures to convert hundreds of people in to nature lovers in order to create more awareness of the pristine wilderness that surrounds us as well as nourishing their bodies with delicious, home-made food to show them the value of rejuvenation throughout days of physical excursion. We are committed to create a trusted community with a focus on human connection to nature and food as well as, creating connections to the land and its people to ensure longevity of our environment.

Our Mission

 Our mission is to create extraordinary backpacking & camping experiences for those that are looking to be part of an exciting, active adventure with like-minded people who are ready to take on a challenge, to get right in to the heart of nature feeling free from all distractions that we have in our day-to-day lives so they can embrace the simplicity of nature, clear their minds and live happier, healthier lifestyles to share with their loved ones.

Our Values


Value each other and Mother Nature.


Become closer to the natural world and gain knowledge through experience.


We encourage people to find their true passion by sharing our love for nature.


Quality of service:
Deliver an exceptional guest experience

Quality of nutritional food:
Eating delicious meals, made with love

Quality of life:
Live up to the highest quality of your life


To feel free amongst all rules and regulations that are part of our lives. There is no better place to feel free than in nature.

Feel free to think:
Turn constructive intentions in to inspiring actions.

Feel free to speak:
Open and honest communication.

Feel free to go:
Follow your heart and live up to your dreams.

Connecting to Nature

Imagine: the beautiful outdoors, the fresh air, peaceful sounds, the most stunning views, wilderness, the unknown, smiles on peoples faces when you don’t have to worry about anything else but getting up that mountain. Giving you an endorphin rush. That’s what nature does to us!

Tons of research has been done on what being outside in nature does to us human beings. Soaking up nature gives people a lot of positive energy and it makes you feel happily exhausted.

Often there are goals involved like reaching the top of the mountain to get a rewarding view or to have a look at a stunning waterfall, but even walking the dog or going for a jog could be the purpose. However, researches have shown that taking a moment to enjoy just being in nature
heals the body and mind. This is exactly what Sjef Camping Adventures wants to add to people’s lives. We would like for our adventures to inspire people to enjoy the outdoor for it is healthy, energizing and relaxing at the same time. At the end of our adventures we are looking to have exhausted, inspired, happy guests.

“Something magical happens to a group when they are taken out of their usual environment and forced to deal with real world challenges in the out-of doors. Leaving their typical comforts behind, people live through the experience feeling more alert and aware and ready to learn from their new surroundings without feeling restricted by how they usually tend to be. The simplicity and natural balance of nature creates an environment where people can learn about themselves without the distractions of home – so that they really see themselves, and come to
understand their full potential, often for the first time in their lives”



Leave No Trace Principles

“Take nothing but memories, leave nothing but footprints”
It is important to us to operate according to the Leave No Trace Principals. These principals will be incorporated in to our adventures. It basically means that we will clean up our waste from the food that we brought along on our adventure and we refrain from killing wild animals and plants whose natural habitat we are invading.

Our Certifications

Licensed by the Consumer Protection Branch

Licensed by the Transportation Branch

Permit Holders & Partners with BC Parks

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"Even as an experienced backpacker, I walked away with SO MUCH new knowledge after my Wedgemount Lake adventure with SJEF Camping. The seminars on Leave No Trace ethics, backcountry nutrition, and local geology are what made this trip unforgettable. Highly recommend this fun group! Thanks guys 👌."

- Ryley L.

"We did the beautiful Howe sound crest trails with Sanne & Richie and it was truly an amazing experience: well prepared, amazing food and 2 amazingly funny and charming guides. Worth the time & money tenfold. Thanks again you guys!"

- Pieter S.

"For me, the Wedgemount Glacier hike was one of the WOWWW moments in life! I'm new to hiking, so I learned so much from Richie, who was very supportive all the way through. I made new friends and enjoyed the day. The experience has motivated me to start exploring more. I'd highly recommend it!"

- Jelena R.

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