People often seem to associate simplicity with Boring, Unattractive and Unremarkable.

Most of us want Diversity, Change and Complicated.

Leonardo da Vinci once said:

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”

Not too long ago we were chatting with a friend who said:

“When I focused for a couple of hours on how to get the new fireplace started, I came out of “it” and really had a WOW effect as I realized it does not happen very often that I am focused on getting one thing done at the time” It felt amazing!


The main reason why we love simplicity so much is because it gets you to focus. Focusing means no distractions. This literally gives you peace of mind and it makes you feel good. It is healthy for body and mind. It also gets you to be more productive.

So much is expected from us these days that we often feel guilty of what we did not do or with who we did not get in touch. But why is it not okay for us to just focus and fully enjoy the one task that we are working on in the moment?

A few benefits of simplicity are:

Having a clear vision → Being focused → Eliminating non-essentials → Quality of work → Peace of mind → Less stress


The first thing to do when preparing for an outdoor adventure is thinking about what you need to bring. For a certain amount of days you are going to live a more simplistic lifestyle and you need to make sure that you have the right gear and equipment to basically survive out there. You don’t always have the option to just turn around and go back. You also often don’t have cell reception. Reason why we love to go outside! To get away from all distractions. To get back to what is important and to enjoy each other’s company. To fully live in the moment and enjoy all the beauty nature has to offer.

The wild outdoors doesn’t tell you what is around the next corner. There could have been a storm last night that changed your surroundings. Because of this you have to be more alert and awake. You have to be able to focus and by simplifying you will be able to do this. Take your brain back to the essentials of life. What is truly important in this moment?

Often when we get back home there is a knot in our stomachs as we start thinking about everything that we “have to do” when we get back home. Simplicity helps with not having to worry about too many things, which makes for a less worrisome lifestyle. This creates more positive thoughts and happiness all-round.