Everyone has PAIN! We all know it. Whether it’s your knee, your hip, your ankle, your shoulder, your neck, your hamstring, your elbow, your hip flexor or maybe your little toe. We all have pain somewhere in our bodies.

When I, Sanne was younger I always had pain in my knees. While slowly getting older my hip is bothering me, my neck is more often tight than not and my lower back is often hurting. We’re always asking ourselves: WHAT IS THE CURE? For me, it is going outside to enjoy nature and move my body as well as practicing yoga and meditation. Bringing awareness to what exactly it is that is hurting and focusing on resolving that particular issue. Yes it takes work, but at least it is healthy “work”.

Hiking is the perfect way to get you outside and to move your body mindfully. This is extremely important! When you go out hiking you’re usually on a trail in the forest. As you don’t want to trip over a log or a rock you will have to focus on each step you take. The beauty about this is, that it takes you away from all distractions that you have going on in your life at the moment. It literally takes your mind into nature! Besides that, it also provides you with creativity and clarity. Often while I’m hiking I come up with the best ideas for Sjef Camping, for my yoga practice, for my relationships. Even a short walk or a run outside will do this for you.

Last week I was working from home and around 12pm I looked outside and noticed the sun came out. I had a million excuses to stay inside. “I should prepare a meal as I’m hungry”, “I have so much work to do”, “I’m in the middle of something” and so on and so forth. I reminded myself that I really only had to go for half an hour. A quick run or a walk in the forest will do the job. And so I did! I threw my excuses in the garbage bin, went outside for a run in the forest and as always I felt amazing when returning home. I had some creative inspirations while I was away, I suddenly had tons of energy and I felt way more focused than before. On top of that the aching pains that I had in my body before now changed into a healthy “pain” letting me know I worked my body. And all of this only took me half an hour out of my day! Nature honestly never lets me down. No matter how long I go for, I truly always feel better after spending time outside! It’s almost an addiction, a very healthy addiction.

A book that I would like to recommend is “Full Catastrophe Living” by Jon Kabat-Zinn. In his book there are a lot of helpful tips and success stories on how to use body and mind to face stress and pain that can be very useful on a daily basis.