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Adventure through BC’s Majestic Wilderness

Explore Nature for Mind, Body and Soul

Push Boundaries and Exceed Limitations

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STEP OUT OF YOUR daily routine TO: adventure, push boundaries, taste incredible home-made food, clear
your mind

We are here to connect you with nature, to get you to serene places you wouldn’t initially think of visiting on your own, to show you how to travel as a minimalist and to change mind-sets to live a happier, more fulfilling life. 

Sjef Camping Adventures offers:

  • Authentic backcountry hiking & camping services.
  • Healthy, delicious, home-made food.  Think: home-made dehydrated meals, incredible snacks and tips on backcountry nutrition. 
  • Support to push physical and mental boundaries within your own limits.
  • Awareness of the environment. We find it important to educate you on using the Leave No Trace principles so we can protect our environment and keep enjoying it.
  • Educational workshops at camp: Backcountry Nutrition, How to efficiently Pack a Backpack and Camp Logistics.

Discover Nature. Discover Yourself.



Learn about the Land and its Trails

You will be lead by two experienced bilingual guides who constantly hike the local mountains and the designated tour routes to acquire up-to-date trail information and they are stoked to share all of this information with you.

Push your own Boundaries

Push physical and mental boundaries within your own limitations to find natural hidden gems and WOW moments that will inspire you for the rest of your life! We will manage your camping adventure using a combination of Guided Support and a Do-It-Yourself mindset to set you up for success! 

Backcountry Nutrition

The majority of your meals & snacks will be homemade and dehydrated, using as many fresh, organic, healthy and nutritious ingredients sourced from local businesses.

Sjef Camping believes in providing delicious homemade meals and snacks with high-energy ingredients to power every hiker through to the final destination.

Sjef's Dehydrated Fruit Snacks

Fruit is simple and quick to dehydrate. These super lightweight and natural sugared snacks give you an instant BOOST of energy – mango, banana and apple are all great options.

You can even add some cinnamon to the apple or dip the apple in a home-made sauce before you dehydrate them. Do you remember Fruit-Roll Ups? Berry fruit leathers are also great to chew on or add to an oatmeal breakfast.

Sjef's GO GO Energy Bar

High energy granola bars have become a traditional go-to snack of ours on trail. There are a ton of options out there these days, however, nothing can compete with home-made.

We also love to bring home-made muffins or banana bread for the 1st day of our adventure.

Sjef's Dehydrated Chilli

When going on a hiking trip, keeping your energy levels up is a must! Eating healthy, nutritious and delicious food is very important, but can be tricky in the backcountry.

Dehydrating food is an incredible way to take the most amazing meals into the backcountry. Not only does food taste even better when you’re outside, it also provide you with sustainable energy – looking forward to a warm hearty meal could be just the inspiration you need to get youself up and down that mountain.

Health & Safety Policy

We are doing our best to offer the outdoor experience you are looking for while keeping a close eye on the PHO guidelines. All staff & guests will be required to adhere to our Health & Safety Policy.


  • To ensure that everyone is healthy before travelling we require each guest to complete a prescreening questionnaire 10 days before departure as well as on day of the adventure
  • Do not come on your trip if you feel ill
  • Extra attention to personal hygiene following PHO guidelines
  • Maintaining physical distance
  • Guides will be wearing a face cover/mask during transportation 


    • Maintaining appropriate physical distancing while exploring the outdoors
    • Guides will bring extra hand sanitizer for themselves and guests
    • Guides and guests will wear protective equipment if first aid is required


    • Guides will be using extra protection during food preparation
    • Each guest has their own bowl, cup and spork to use per meal
    • Dishes will be disinfected after washing

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    "Even as an experienced backpacker, I walked away with SO MUCH new knowledge after my Wedgemount Lake adventure with SJEF Camping. The seminars on Leave No Trace ethics, backcountry nutrition, and local geology are what made this trip unforgettable. Highly recommend this fun group! Thanks guys 👌."

    - Ryley L.

    "We did the beautiful Howe sound crest trails with Sanne & Richie and it was truly an amazing experience: well prepared, amazing food and 2 amazingly funny and charming guides. Worth the time & money tenfold. Thanks again you guys!"

    - Pieter S.

    "For me, the Wedgemount Glacier hike was one of the WOWWW moments in life! I'm new to hiking, so I learned so much from Richie, who was very supportive all the way through. I made new friends and enjoyed the day. The experience has motivated me to start exploring more. I'd highly recommend it!"

    - Jelena R.

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